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Start Fixing your Credit Today

Download Luster Credit Repair by choosing one of the following options:

For Mac OS X:

download credit repair tool for macs

For Windows:

download credit repair tool for windows

Not sure yet? We are confident Luster Credit Repair will exceed your expectations for a trusted, reliable solution for improving your credit score. So sure, that we're offering a 30-day free trial. When you're ready, unlock the power of the full version with a simple, one-time payment.

Free Credit Repair Trial

Download the trial version, and get 30 days of access to:

  • Guided credit repair strategies for one of the credit bureaus
  • Selected portions of the Luster Credit Manual
  • Selected professionally drafted dispute letters

Full Credit Repair Version

When you're sure Luster Credit Repair can help you repair your credit, simply register with a one-time payment of $49.99 in our secure store and unlock all the powerful features including:

  • Guided credit strategies for all three credit bureaus and creditors
  • Full access to the comprehensive Luster Credit Manual
  • Professionally drafted dispute and negotiations letters


If you have an issue ordering, please email us at