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See how easy it is to repair credit watch screenshots

Luster walks you through each step of the credit repair process. Stop avoiding your bad credit score and fix your credit today.



Luster does the credit repair research, establishes the standards and develops customized letters to fit your needs as you contact credit bureaus and creditors to dispute inaccuracies and unverifiable information on your credit report. Once the software is downloaded on your computer, it provides solutions for each step of the credit dispute process, allowing for customized communications in disputing inaccuracies and unverifiable information.


Luster is different because it offers more than form letters to repair your credit. Our built-in decision tree provides suggestions on what to do next based on the responses you receive from the credit reporting agencies.


Getting started with Credit Repair.

Getting started is simple. Review all the inaccurate items on your credit report and enter them into the appropriate fields. Luster helps you organize everything all in one place so that you can monitor all of your files and correspondences.



Effortlessly create credit dispute letters.

With the click of a button Luster instantly creates personalized, professional dispute letters. Luster takes your reason for the dispute and populates the information into a pre-drafted template letter. Customize the letter as much as you want or let the program do the work. It's completely up to you.



Let us guide you to credit repair.

Walk through the entire credit repair dispute process with the help of Luster's decision tree. The decision tree records your correspondence with the credit agencies, creditors and collectors, and then guides you toward your next action based on your responses. No more worrying about "what if'" and "what next." With Luster's intelligent design, you truly can polish your credit like a professional.



Easily track credit repair responses.

Luster automatically tracks and records all correspondence between you, the credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors, and reminds you when a credit repair response is due. No need to waste valuable time trying to remember where you are in the process or worry about forgetting to follow up on a previous action.



Get credit help when you need it.

Gain access to Luster’s credit manual which includes resources on credit scores, credit reports and tips on how to effectively use the software to achieve maximum results. Learn how to legally and ethically repair credit, and correct mistakes on your credit report. Follow proven methods for dealing with credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors.